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Default Re: SSB Signal Generator

More progress. "Slapped legs and stand in the corner". I should have read the specifications for the MC1496. The Output falls off significantly over 20 Mhz. As I want the output to cover up to 10 metres, I "lashed in" a SRA 1W Ring diode mixer, very much improved output, although it did need its input buffering from the SL1612 post IF amp.
This realization allows the generator to go up to 2 metres if I wanted.

I have 4 of this type of Mixer in stock, however two seem to be faulty, The MD108 and a SBL1X.. both have no output, even shifting the inputs around. Has anyone else had failures ?. I opened the MD108 and it is potted with a white silicon rubber compound,
Should get out more.

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