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Default Re: SSB Signal Generator

Originally Posted by Wendymott View Post
David... I am not trying to make a professional piece of kit.
My post was just a response to 'I'm sure there must be some'

For just creating an audio tone from a receiver, a simple unmodulated carrier tuned to the appropriate offset will do, of course. Many signal generators have external modulation inputs and will apply anything you want to their output, so you can use them as a pantry transmitter, but I've never seen any sig gen with a proper SSB modulator.

The latest all singing all dancing vector sig gens can do it if fed a pair of processed signals to I and Q inputs, forming a phasing type modulator, but then you need to add a lot of complex circuitry (ooh the pun!)

The nearest to a sig gen which can do SSB are probably the low power drive units like the Redifon GK203 (200mW 1-30MHz in 100Hz steps) which do CW SSB and all sorts of AM.

I wouldn't suggest you build one. The old drive units turn up as affordable surplus now and then, or just use a spare amateur transciever into a big attenuator.

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