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Default Re: SSB Signal Generator

Haa haa Andy..... Sorry.. No Top band.. David... I am not trying to make a professional piece of kit... just something I can use to get me "near enough" I know that is an athema to you.. the reasoning is this.... when I made the 40M unit, I was and still am concerned that my digital readout was not the same as the readout of the station I was communicating with.. it could be all of 2 Khz if I make a generator that I know correlates to the FT817 or similar, then I can adjust the offset in the software to show the same.
It may be a sledge hammer etc... but it passes the time, keeps my supplier happy, me buying PCB material... and is a breathing space for my multiband transceiver on the stocks.
Should get out more.

Wendy G8BZY
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