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Default Re: MK14 schematic revisions

I loved my MK14. I used the SC/MP to decode MSF rugby fast code tine (which they've stopped now - just the slow code is in use).
Hated that damn keyboard! Difficult to knock the program in with it.
I still have my pencil-written program for the clock I made, if anyone is interested...I can photo. it, or scan it and publish a link to it.
I used the MK14 to learn, but the clock I made used NO RAM(!), just the registers, and I used HP latching displays. It worked second time! I'd swapped the 10's and 1's of the hours over, so 12:34 read as 21:34. As prom's were expensive then, (and I'd had to make my own prom programmer - which had switches for the address and data, and a button to program that 'nibble' - 4 bits at time) I just swapped the wire-wrapped pins over. Taught me more about computing than kids today can ever learn. 1978, IIRC.
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