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Default Re: Yet another MK14 tape interface (ESP32).

Originally Posted by SiriusHardware View Post
Can I just ask you to clarify:

Do you mean that after assembly these offset values have mysteriously changed from 0x75 and 0x76 to 0xD5 and 0xD6,


Do you mean that they contain the values 0x75 and 0x76 and you have to manually change those offsets to 0xD5 and 0xD6 for correct operation of the program?
Your second option is true, the assembler comes back with

*** Error: Out of range
20 ST LEN(3)

Any value over 0x80 produces the error, so I allow sbasm to assemble the program with 0x75 and 0x76 and then manually change offsets.

Program currently limited to 256 bytes per load, but since each load only takes 1 second to load, not sure if this is a problem.

If you are developing code for the MK14, the M5StickC program could be developed to accept a file from a PC via WiFi. Currently I have to compile the arduino sketch ever time I make changes to the file transfer process or add additional programs.
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