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Default Re: Saving sets from butchery

That's a very clever/simple notion that Ed has come up with there. I can see why he doesn't recommend it should be used with a live chassis but it does remind me of recording from an AC/DC Television [they all were] when I was about 14 in the sixties! It was a bit of a dream to be able to get a direct feed, rather than holding a microphone in front of the speaker [very crude]. I think it was Practical Television that recommended using an inverted radio output TR [secondary side across the across the TV spkr] to provide a step down match to the Tape Recorder and isolation from the live chassis as well. [I always had a light bulb clipped across earth to the chassis anyway to ensure it was negative].

The TV was rented and I had to remove the audio output valve to connect up. Eventually I stood on it one day and then had to shovel the bits out of the carpet and into the back of the set. The Service engineer was very suspicious of this "fault" [more related to pouring cold water on a red hot valve]. I told him my mother had just said that there had been a bit of a bang and played the innocent. I think I gave the game away by my interest in his work though! Eventually he gave me an "old fashioned" look, replaced the valve and left. It was all a very big deal in those far off days

Dave W

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