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Default Re: Special Auction 11th Feb '18

I had a great day and would like to thank everyone who helped organise the event.
I came away with a few bargains which I am pleased with. it's a fair old run from Peterborough not helped by the fact that the powers that be had shut the A604 Oundle road between Peterborough and Thrapston which means we had to go down the A1 through more road works and a 40mph speed limit for miles..
why they decide to do major works on all routes at the same time I really can't understand. I think we should be able to claim a partial refund on the road tax when they cause delays like this.. But then again mine is only 30 a year..
I was also annoyed by the selfish person who parked right in the middle of the entrance road where the line of cones were and then opened the doors on his car just to make it really difficult for everyone else to get past.
Judging by the comments I heard I was not the only person who was inconvenienced by him.
I'm not sure it was the same person who bought all the valves though.
I am not going to comment further on him...
It's the usual story. while most members are really nice people there are always a few that are bad apples.
I am looking forward to sorting through the stuff I bought it should keep me out of mischief for a while.

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