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Default Re: Ex marine AM radio equipment.

As Roger says, a Dummy Load is an advisable addition to your marine band/80/160m endeavours with these old sets. I use a Marconi TF1020/1 which has two ranges - 50W & 100W. Modulation Meters are a fine addition to your test gear, but jolly expensive. A loose coupling from near the Tx O/P to a decent scope, can with practice, give you a decent idea of %Mod.
These old marine HF R/T's such as Coastal Radio, Woodsons, and Sailor, etc., usually had two Tx o/p power selections - 10W Low, and 20 to 60W High. The 10W selection was for inter-vessel comms between skippers, and the High selection was for comms to the numerous coastal stations which once existed, plus calls to their fish merchants & wives - as some skippers had a home R/T. ("Betty, hen, I'll be in the harbour Friday night. Have a good look at the floor, as you'll be looking at the ceiling all weekend !").

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