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Default Re: 'THAT' Capacitor. What is it?

Originally Posted by toprepairman View Post
Originally Posted by mancunian69 View Post
I have found that with the set on if you pull the output valve and probe pin 2 for DC that will give you a good idea as the the condition of the grid feed cap.
This is for EL84 of course.
I would always replace this cap on sight, as they have a harder life than certain others.
Not always.
If it's a Rogers amp fitted with Mullard mustards.
I saw someone recently who replace all the mustards in what WAS a nice HG88 with modern yellow things, and made a proper dogs' dinner of it too.
A little knowledge and all that....
Agreed about Mullard mustards, but I think the general notion of changing that cap on sight is more something that you would do with a vintage radio, not a later and probably built to a higher spec piece of British hifi equipment.
A digital radio is the latest thing, but a vintage wireless is forever..
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