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Default B&O BeoCenter 2200 Does this sound like a capacitor problem?

Hi all.

Got a lovely BeoCenter 2200 as a secondary Hifi and because I liked the design for my B&O collection. It’s an immaculate example and when it runs it sounds really decent for what it is as an all in one unit.

I’ve only had it since Saturday it was bought from an eBay store and the guy came and dropped it off for me. Over the last few days it’s been great. However yesterday it starting doing something weird.

Normally you just press it on and P1 lights up on the control panel. After five seconds audio comes though and it plays. Yesterday the phono, tape, AM & FM lights all came on together and there was no sound. I have discovered that if you turn the volume to maximum you can just about hear it but very quiet.

Then I discovered if you leave it for about 30 to 40 minutes with the volume turned down the sound will come back for a few minutes perhaps 15 to 20 is most I’ve had before it goes again.

Not really sure what else it would be as the 2200 is a unit I’m not familiar with has anyone worked on them before? I know it’s not strictly a B&O as it uses a lot of Japanese parts, but when it worked it sounded very nice on the MCX35 Speakers.

For those unfamiliar here is a photo attached of my unit.

I am going to take the cover off tomorrow and just have a look inside to see if I can see anything visually wrong though I.e bulging caps. Or perhaps a poor solder joint or something.
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