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A bit further away than the normal museums listed here, but well worth a visit if you are travelling to the West Coast US. Around San Francisco.
The Computer History Museum in Mountain View In the heart of Silicon Valley. A superb museum in good modern facilities covering the period from the early abacus through mechanical computing , early mainframes, mini and microcomputer up to today’s latest devices. A pleasant surprise was the amount of space devoted to early British computing with parts from early computers along with videos showing Tony Sale demonstrating the rebuilt Colossus. They have a working IBM 1401 and a PDP 1 in the demo labs usually working on Saturday. They also offer guided tours on different themes by volunteers who in the case of the two I did were both retired researchers or computer scientists from silicon valley. Whilst somewhere like this can occupy me for a whole day I would recommend at least 3-4 hours.

More info here
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