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Default Sanyo VTC-5150 chews tape on eject after belt change

Hi all,

Today I spent the whole day cleaning my Sanyo VTC-5150 Beta and replacing the loading belt and idler assembly. After putting it all back together, the machine is now leaving a lot of tape out of the cassette when "stop" is pressed. It seems the problem only really happens when there's a lot of tape on the left reel. This wasn't a problem before I cleaned and replaced the belts/idler.

Any idea what could have happened? Here's a rundown of what I did. Everything was cleaned with Q tips and 100% isopropyl alcohol.

1. Cleaned the tape path thoroughly with including the big circular loading ring thing (you know which one I mean!), the tape posts, the heads and the extremely dirty pinch roller.
2. Removed the cassette caddy
3. Cleaned the part of the tape reels where the idler wheel touches when in use
4. Cleaned the part of the tape reels where the brake meets when in use
5. Changed the loading belt
6. Removed the idler and installed a new one (just the idler itself, not the entire idler assembly plate)

Then I re-installed the cassettle carriage and tested. The machine now rewinds and fast forwards without fail...but seemingly can't wind the tape into the cassette fast enough when "stop" is pressed.

I wonder if it's due to me cleaning the part where the break touches the reel? Or perhaps the loading belt?

This thread suggests doing the torque mod but I didn't have any problem before changing the belts

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