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Default Re: Old torches - anyone here collect them?

I must admit that on efficiency grounds (and needing more light as I get older) I am coming round to the LED way of thinking- they have bridged the choice gap between 2700k warm and 6000k ice white really well. I held up a car wiring loom under a LAP 5000k luminaire today and observed that historic CRI problems with blue, violet,grey etc have simply gone away.

Torch-wise I have hung onto my Rayovac-Vidor roughnecks and a 6 cell Maglight- both with LED upgrades. In the case of the latter the upgrade is bespoke for the Maglight since lesser torch heads can't be guaranteed to have sufficient heat dissipation to use that lamp- which consumes 200mA and throws out a huge amount of light.

There's always a place on the nightstand for an usherette's torch (output 0.5 of a glimmer) when nature calls- nobody likes to have their retinas etched at 0300 after all!

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