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Default Re: 6S3T Spontaflex receiver.

Jim, how well does it work? I built a Spontaflex (not this particular one) some years back and found it was okay... performed about the same as any other regenerative TRF would. I suspect the secret of success with Sir Douglas Halls' designs was to build them exactly as he did with the identical comonents. But there is no doubting they are a clever arrangement.

Re wooden box, I've used thin (~3mm) ply from B&Q, mark out all the pieces and cut it straight with a sharp narrow toothed saw so as not to split the wood. Then glue the edges with PVA and clamp it all together till it's dry. Then optionally sand, stain (if you wish) and coat with clear polyurethane varnish. If you flat it off with fine wet and dry and then re-coat, and repeat ad-nauseum, you'll eventually end up with a finish like a mirror.
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