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Default Re: Need help identifying old capacitor from 1930s radio

I've never seen an electrolytic capacitor with a value of less than 1uF. The 0.1uF capacitor won't be an electrolytic and can be replaced with a polypropylene or similar type.

If you decide to use electrolytic capacitors they'll need to be connected the correct way round, Given that some of the electrolytics will be smoothers it's strange that one side is not grounded. I suggest a bit of reverse engineering,

Originally Posted by Mrgroovy View Post
Hi Graham,

Thanks for the reply, and for the suggestion on how to restuff the cans. I think, if I am not mistaken, that only the top right connector on the 0,1UF section is connected to ground. At least there is continuity between the top right connector and the chassis/ground, and not continuity between any of the other connectors and ground. Could always be a short somewhere perhaps? Electrolytic capacitors of 1500V is not really easy to find, and probably not cheap? My best bet would be to couple four 450V in series and match the capacitance and voltage required for each, right? And as for the the 0,1uF, is that most likely an electrolytic as well? These mystery multi-section cans are only the start of this enigmatic radio. There are six other normal looking capacitors inside, all with capacitance values in CM. I read that 1000cm is approximately the same as 1100pF?

I'll attach a few more pictures. The brown electrolytic 10uF is now changed with a modern one.
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