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Default Re: Mains plug restoration

Originally Posted by Dave Moll View Post

I wonder whether that was originally inspired by those ghastly "safety" devices that plug into a socket, replacing a perfectly functional approved safety system with one with no approvals whatsoever.
I noticed that when I had my eye test earlier this week, the optician's premises had all the sockets stuffed with those things.

EDIT: but it does take me back to my own childhood. My Dad bought a Hanimex cassette recorder. It came with a 2 pin continental plug. I remember him using a screwdriver to push into the earth hole to open the shutters to push in the 2 pin plug, but also him going mad at me (as a five year old) for doing the same thing. To be honest, I really don't know why he didn't simply cut off the 2 pin plug and replace it with a BS 3 pin, which I finally did a few years later. I reckon I still have that cassette recorder in the garage though I suspect the mains lead is long vanished.

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