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Default Re: Mains plug restoration

Glad I'm not the only one who cleans-up earlier plugs.

Quite rightly, it has to be in sound condition/serviceable and correctly fused. A good number of sets around the home & workshop still retain their brown bakelte MK plugs, which have come up a treat. That said & as Paul mentioned, we too ensure the younger members of the family are kept safe.

The Philips Philetta we have, has a very slim/brown bakelite MK plug, which has a plastic arrow held in place by the retaining screw for the cover. This arrow points to a fuse rating which is written/part of the plug moulding. (3A, 7A & 13A if memory serves). Not seen any before or since ...

Some restorations where the plug or non-captive leads are missing, I've made leads from rescued/removable sleeved 'hot-condition' mains plugs from expired toaster & kettles, the beauty is, they look like black bakelite but comply with todays regulations.

On new but cloth covered mains leads, they look the part too.

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