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Default Re: Mains plug restoration

Originally Posted by GrimJosef View Post
Originally Posted by Glowing Bits! View Post
... it has to be a sleeved type by law ...
Are you certain ? If so, which law ?


Hi G J. I work for a test house. I don't know about a law but the BS standard states that a sleeved plug must be fitted to new equipment or if an unsleeved plug is fitted to an old item being serviced it must be replaced by a sleeved version before being returned to the customer. It is perfectly in order to use an unsleeved plug (as long as it is serviceable of course) on an item of equipment in your own home but if said item is then passed on to another user, the plug must be replaced by a sleeved type.

If when servicing, you replace a non-sleeved plug with a sleeved plug, the customer is within his rights to remove the sleeved plug and replace it with his non-sleeved plug if he so desires as long as it is for his own use......
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