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Default Re: Quad II Transformer woes!

Originally Posted by merlinmaxwell View Post
All adequately designed amplifiers do not sound the same though!
SO you refute Quads testing then. Unless you call the sound what it does when dropped, Quad II a smash tinkling sound, 303 a thud, and 405 more of a clank.
I certainly do! I have worked on numerous examples of all three units over the the years and listened to them on many occasions and through various speakers and they sound very obviously different.

Those who know me will be aware that I'm bordering on "infamous" for fighting against audiophoolery and snake oil but I certainly do not agree that "all competently designed amplifiers working within their limitations sound the same".

In the case of these Quad units the huge differences in output impedance will mean actual FR anomalies due to the way this interacts with the speakers impedance curve for a start.

When it comes to correlating measurements with subjective results there is much that remains "here be dragons" as I've heard two amplifiers which both have 0.01% THD or less, damping factors of >100 and flat FR from 10Hz - >50KHz sound bizarrely different from each other on many occasions in spite of theory suggesting that both are so close to "a piece of wire with gain" that they should sound identical.

This "there's obviously a lot we still don't know about amplifiers/we must be measuring the wrong things" aspect of audio has maintained my fascination with the subject thus far
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