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Default Re: Gemini 80-Bus System

Yes you can trace between buses. To trace you need to place the boards
to be traced on a seaperate bus and then use intbus to create a bridge
between the two buses

For example to trace the scsi activity of the scsi interace use the following
in your config file

#select future boards to be on the trace bus
bus trace

#Create your scsi/floppy boards here (port range 0e0..0e7)

#select the z80 io bus
bus io

#now create a bridge from the io bus to the trace bus (0e0..0e7) split
#between tracing/non tracing as required
#following ports bridged but not traced
board 0e0 intbus 0xe0 5 rw trace
#following ports traced
board 0e5 intbus 0xe5 3 rwt trace

That should do the magic...
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