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Default Re: Gemini 80-Bus System

That sounds interesting, just checked the source and found the following

	else if (command == 0x0C)
		// Initialize Drive Characteristics
		// XEBEC S1410 controller
		scsiDev.dataLen = 8;
		scsiDev.phase = DATA_OUT;
So that looks promising, I will check that out further.

I have the original RO201 for the MFB system but doesn't seem to work I just get a regular clicking from the drive about once every two seconds. Maybe a good whack will kick it into life, we'll see.

Once again thanks for you help, time now to get as much as I can from the varous floppies that came with the MFB system. I now have the Gotek and a floppy working so can copy files accross to QDDS disk images. I will update the blog and software library etc on
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