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Default Re: Gemini 80-Bus System

Hi John

The disk image I am using is attached. This started out as a bootable (xbeaver and gotek/829 with RP/M) bios 3.5 non MFB image and I copied CPMFW.SYS GENSYS and a suitable .CFG file that specified two 80 track floppy drives only (i.e. no winchester). The dirives were configured as A and B. I used GENSYS to write the system to the system tracks of the drive using xbeaver to give me a BIOS 3.4 MFB bootable disk image.

When I rebooted the image using xbeaver (with 849m and Simon 4.1 MFB), the system came up as BIOS 3.4 as expected and I could access two 80 track disk images as expected all within xbeaver and all using the config I posted earlier.

Once i was running on xbeaver with the 849m/Simon 4.1MFB and 3.4 bios, I ran GENSYS again just to make sure. The disk image continued to work as expected in xbeaver.

The real hardware is 813 CPU with Simon 4.1MFB, SVC and 849MFB. These are the cards from the MFB machine but mounted in the rack for convenience.

What you say about looking for a side 1 header is interesting, I thought CP/M used all of side 0 before using side 2 with these disks.

It would be interesting to see what you see with the disk image I have posted.
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