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Default Re: Anyone have a time machine I could borrow?

I have similar memories of my grandparents house . A huge rambling place with chicken houses and a pig sty at the bottom of the garden. There was a large shed stuffed with old stuff . I found an old TV chassis which I now know was a PYE the one with all the EF50s. I was given permission to have it and it started my interest in TV. There was a horse drawn ambulance buried in the garden which had been an air-raid shelter during the war. This was very spooky to young lad. In it were the rusting remains of an old radio chassis oil lamps and even a little stove with kettle.
The front bedroom had a large clock on the wall. I would climb up on the bed and turn the hands around to make it chime. Grandad promised me that one day when I was older I could have it. That day came when I was around 16 .
Grandma had died some years earlier and Grandad was moving to a smaller place so the clock became mine and is in my lounge to this day.
The old ambulance was beginning to cave in at this point the walls had a horrible slimy mould on them and soil was dropping through the roof so before Grandad moved out My dad assisted by my uncle broke the roof in and attempted to fill it in. a lot of old stuff from my Grandads house and sheds was thrown in and then topped with soil. (apparently when it had been originally buried all the neighbours had helped dig and everyone had taken some soil for their gardens!).
The house and all of the other crescent of houses was demolished sometime in the 1980s and there is now a huge estate of sheltered housing in their place. I wonder if the builders found the remains of the ambulance filled with stuff when they dug the foundations?
I better not mention all the old balloon type radio valves I used for air rifle targets in the 1970's....
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