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Default Marconi R1155 history

Hi all,

I have a Marconi R1155A. Its Serial number is 28760.

Is it possible to trace some of its history? ... ie where it was used? In RAF? Or stock? How did it get to Australia?? etc Do these Records exist and are they accessible??

Just a bit of background ... my R1155 has the DF stripped out except for some snipped off wires ... otherwise it seems to me to be quite original. Has AM badge, Jones Plugs, early Tuning control, good colours in frequency ranges, original valves and covers, shielding, stamps etc ... however, the wiring insulation is brittle and all caps are old etc..

As yet I haven't started any restoration work ... still in process of checking components, circuitry etc to make sure I know what I have. But, I can see that any removal of parts for replacement or checking is going to cause problems with wiring insulation ....

I know the general history, but nothing about this individual radio. Any help appreciated.

Cheers, Ian
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