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Default Re: Rust removal from steel component on the cheap.

Originally Posted by BulgingCap View Post
The local old boys recommend molasses for rust removal. It is readily available because sugar cane is grown in Oz. It seems to be a bit fierce and will eat away the steel if left too long. I have just searched out a story of a chap who dug a big hole, lined it with black plastic, and put a 1913 Cadillac car chassis and springs etc into a molasses solution. The narrator recalls that his elderly friend forgot about it for a while, and when he checked again the chassis had gone !
I didn't stick my nose in until now!

REAL rust, like car parts or tractor components? Use Molasses.

DOES not eat steel, JUST the oxide bits. I haven't tried it on screws from a 3 gang tuning condenser/capacitor, but it sure works on motorcycle parts, car parts, (even rusting sills) nuts n bolts.

I think what I am saying is its probably MORE suitable to " big bits" rather than smearing it over an 18 valve communication receiver chassis.

Thanks aussie.

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