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Default Re: Light work bench.

Thanks, ref picture, top shelf L to R:

Reception Set R106 MK11 receiver (aka HRO 5t) original HRO loudspeaker on top.
Hallicrafters SX17 receiver (230/115 volt version)
Wells-Gardner BC348Q receiver (original dynamotor still fitted! plus shock mount) LS-3 loudspeaker on top.
Marconi R1155 receiver with a Marconi TF2700 LCR bridge on top.

Main bench (rear) L to R:

RCA AR88D loudspeaker (a proper one)
Murphy B40d receiver.
Hallicrafters SX28 receiver (230/115 volt version)
RCA AR88d receiver.

Front L to R:

HRO Senior bandspread coils (receiver on another bench)
Supreme 1-177b tube tester (aka Hicock)
Avo CT378a signal generator.

I built another bench too which is on the opposite side of the room shown in the picture, same type of construction materials, if I can find a pic I'll post it up with what's on it.

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