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Default Re: CFR100 Resistors from RS

Good evening!
I have received my sample resistors from CPC and RS and the results are as follows:

CPC MCF 1W range have a beige body and measure 11mm x 4mm
RS CFR100 1W range have slightly darker beige body also 11mm x 4mm
RS PRO 2W range have a pink body and are also 11mm x 4mm.

Great, CFR100 is the range for me I thought- look pretty good and size is fine. Turns out though that they only do a limited range so could only source about half the values I wanted
CPC stock exactly the same range of values in the MCF range, so I couldn't fill in the gaps with those.
So I had to use the RS pro range for the missing values- they do a pretty complete range of these, so it was 'Hobson's choice' really, I'll have to use what people will actually sell me rather than what I would like!! They are a bit pink but are quite pretty really
Most of the metal film types I looked at seemed to be blue so that was no good.
RS also do a catalogue, which arrived the next day FOC. It lists the more common items inc passive components which is much better for browsing.
Also their site is better and the order process simpler plus FREE delivery on any order- no minimum order value
CPC have not got a catalogue- 2015 was the last and does not seem to still be available.
Hope this may help anyone who is trying to find pleasant looking resistors.
Cheers Nick
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