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Default Re: CFR100 Resistors from RS

Great minds, as they say Biggles...
While you were writing your post telling me to order some samples, I was doing just that
My suitable candidates size wise were the CFR100 range (1W 12x5mm) and the RS pro range (2W 11.5x 4.5mm)
Their CFR100 range seems a bit limited in values, but have ordered several from each range.
Great thing with RS now is free delivery on all orders!!
I also ordered some 0.5 and 1W resistors from the MCF range from CPC. They also do a limited range of high voltage axial electrolytics and polyester film caps which is useful.
RS's site is just about tolerable, and I got though the order without too much pain but CPC's is (as I have already said) unbelievably awful and I hate it with a passion. I did end up shouting at the computer after finally getting through the checkout only to be told that as the delivery address didn't match the card address, I couldn't proceed
To be fair, they did respond to my email very quickly, and told me to ignore it and checkout anyway!
For goodness sake
Anyway, I'll wait and see what turns up and report back.
Cheers Nick
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