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Default Re: Antenna recommendation for 40 and 80M bands

Yes forget the Electrical installations, lets get back to the real project
I am pleased that you are taking the time to try different antennas, difficult to compare as propagation changes so quickly, what is good one day can easily be poor the next.
When we were testing antenna designs we had a huge antenna farm and was able to switch between many antennas types to achieve factual comparison readings
At our club house we have verticals for 80 and 160 meters, large matching coils and variable capacitors housed at foot of masts.45 ft high with four hi_hat radials which are part of the support guys
Fan dipole for 80/40/20, , good results, no ATU
We also use a hexbeam,on a 60 ft tower, wind has wrecked it twice so we have redesigned using stainless steel instead of aluminium quite good.
We have a Loop antenna and find it good for 20 meter dx
Hustler 5 band vertical, works fairly well but not fair to compare with our other antennas
The propagation is quite different from the 80 M vertical compared to the 80M dipole
The height of your antennas and type of ground change the resonance frequency ( capacitance between ground and antenna)
Keep up your interest and let me know when you get " on air"
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