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Default Re: Source for HMV decals

What a fantastic range of decals. Viewing them was, for me, a nice trip down memory lane!

Out of sentiment, I still have my Claud Butler bike frame from 1954, which took me all around Britain youth hostelling all through my teenage years, culminating in three weeks spent youth hostelling in Switzerland in 1959 with two chums, riding over the Gt St Bernard and the Simplon Pass into Italy. Amazed to find that H Lloyd can supply the decals for the Claud Butler frame.

All the decals look excellent quality and very reasonable prices. (They're not actually water-slide decals - they're vinyl, so may well be easier to apply). They seem amenable to special requests, so might be worth a try. To quote from their website:

"As well as a vast catalogue of decals we also make special requests. We can redraw decals from originals or from photographs, or we can print out decals from existing artwork. We can also produce most of the decals on this site in whatever colour way you desire. All our decals are printed on the thinnest best quality vinyl in the industry".

There you go then!

(I loved the Dave Quinn 'Head Decal' - very creative).
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