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Default Re: F. Stephen Masek's Bush SAC21 restoration

Terry, I bought that jig and a larger version from Steve Strong. Please see

The antenna transformer had an open coil, L-1. Somebody had coated it with what appeared to be candle wax. I wondered why I found what seemed like wax spilled on a tube socket and another place in the chassis... The form containing L-1 and L-2 goes inside the form for L-3 and L-4. Whoever worked on it last also had lost one of the screw to mount the L-1 & L-2 form inside the L-3 & L-4 form. They also had the volume control mis-wired.

I found a coil in my parts collection, removed the wire, put it on the original form, and coated it with some of Rima's nail polish. I need to finish the radio and hope the valves are good to be able to test it. L-1 is untuned, so it should work.
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