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Default Re: Source for HMV decals

A bit more on this.

Gary Tempest saw the thread and e-mailed me a picture of an HMV logo from a metal panel on a radiogram which hadn't been exposed to light. I've attached it below. Interestingly (to me at any rate), looking closely at the text, the words appear to be on individual decals with a narrow dark brown border around each word. It would be perfectly feasible, albeit a little fiddly, to create decals for the words, cut them out and position them as desired, with the 'picture frame' of 'Nipper' as a separate decal. White decal paper would be needed and for anyone not well practised in applying water-slide decals, it would make sense to print a sheet full to allow for inevitable failures.

As I've mentioned elsewhere, though they're called 'water-slide' you don't slide the decal off the backing paper or it will most likely wrinkle up. When you're satisfied that the backing paper is wetted through and the decal will slide freely between finger and thumb, you wet the surface to which it to be applied, hold the decal (still on the backing paper) in the position where you wish to apply it, then slide the backing paper off from beneath the decal while gently smoothing the decal down, making sure that you don't stretch it. Then gently smooth down the decal with a paper towel t remove all the water. Once dried, the adhere really well.

Some time ago, Gary managed to find someone in the USA who was able to print off a sheet of HMV decals for him on an 'ALPS' printer. Sadly, the guy who had the printer no longer does that, and the sheet on nine have all gone. A picture of one is appended below.

To my eyes, these two images look rather more realistic than do those from Peru.

Hope that may be of help and interest.
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