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Default Re: Philips to close last UK Factory.(Glemsford)

Originally Posted by samjmann View Post
Philips still produce Tv's, they're made by TP Vision, the Honk Kong arm of Philips.
That's unfortunately incorrect. TPV was a reasonably succesful Taiwanese monitor manufacturer (their heritage goes back to Admiral Overseas Corporation) that took over Philips monitors Taiwan in 2006 to become a worldwide first tier OEM for monitors, dabbling a bit in somewhat lower end television sets. In 2012, they created the joint venture TP Vision for television manufacturing to take over the television branch of Philips. The joint venture is now fully owned by TPV (not by Philips). They made their headquarters in Hong Kong probably for tax and manufacturing reasons (as a Chinese company, they are allowed to manufacture in China without involving third parties). It's been said that the name TP accurately reflects what you're watching when you buy one, but I'd like to think they're gradually improving their products.
TPV used to make monitors for hospital use and were considered to be very well calibrated.
I'm not sure about TPV, but Philips kept their medical monitor branch outside the 2006 takeover, and continued with their 3 Italian suppliers F.I.M.I. (historically known as Phonola, now owned by Barco), A-Novo (spin off from F.I.M.I.?) and Philips Medical Systems Monza (used to be a Philips consumer electronics factory).

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