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Default Re: More Chinese AM radio kits

Extremely happy to report that my HX108-2 is finally up and running. The problem was the yellow output transformer and it happened to be only one of two components I didn't meter before soldering. When I desoldered and measured it, the secondary coil read 6 megaohms !!

Luckily I had a spare kit and used the output transformer from there. The correct reading for the secondary of the output transformer should only be 2 ohms.

Here is the final transistor lineup:
V1: 9018G
V2: 2N3904
V3: 2N3904
V4: 2N3904
V5: 2SC945
V6: 2SC945
V7: 2SC945

I used better quality electrolytic and ceramic capacitors but did not change any values.
A big thank you to everyone who helped me with this project, which I was almost going to bin. I will attempt to align it at a later time as I can hear many stations without.
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