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Default Re: Government bans fax machines in the NHS

Originally Posted by electronicskip View Post
I suppose its a fairly antiquated method now but I still find mine useful on occasions and I know that lots of insurance companies still use them to fax over policies etc.
Here's an interesting article on their continuing popularity in Japan!

I can see why they held on for so long here. To avoid medico-legal complexities, it was perhaps important to have proof that a consultant or doctor had signed-off a certain treatment - literally, by seeing the signature on a piece of paper. And unlike with email, someone could literally stand by a fax machine and wait for this to come through while doing another task on their feet.... I know my pharmacist still does this.

And then there's the rather less-than-agile capacity of medical comms - nationwide, between different service providers. Didn't it take ages and billions for a failed pilot for hospitals to be able to see GP records a few years ago?

I wonder what will happen to all those tens of thousands of machines. I hope there's a scheme in place to recycle the plastic and recoverable electronic 'scrap.'
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