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Default Re: Availability of Leaded Solder?

The real concern with lead in the environment is its subtle effect on cognitive skills rather than actually dying from poisoning, which is rather rare. The recommended ‘safe level’ of lead in body had fallen steadily as more statistical data has been become available (in the past it was often supressed by the car lobby because it didn’t suit their products to run on unleaded fuel). I think the safe level, where there is no cognitive effect, is now considered to be ZERO.
Its possible to detect lead and other heavy metals at extremely low levels so if someone told me the level in a tap water sample was zero I would be a bit dubious of their technique! (I have used reverse-stripping pulse polarography in the dim distant past, IIRC for measuring lead in tap water).
I think the effect of a few hobbyists like us using Pb/Sn solder is going to have a tiny effect as 1 dumped car battery probably contains more lead that all of us put together use! But I will still be washing my hands after handling …
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