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Default Re: Webcam with Microphone

Thanks for all your replies. Ben, the Trust Exis may well fit my bill. Paul, I know I don't have to get a webcam with a built-in microphone but I have tried the mics I have here and found them unsatisfactory in various ways - the Sony dynamic mic has too low output, the headset with boom mic seemed prone to a lot of rustling, etc. So, a built-in mic seems convenient. Dave, Ebay has thousands of variously priced webcams listed but not many reviews. Those with reviews often suggest the sound is poor - hence the request for recommendations from users here.

Les, Googling the LifeCam seems to throw up a lot of folks with problems of it not working with Windows 10 and no driver available. The proposed solutions do not get universal agreement that they work. So, I may have to decline your very kind offer unless someone knows better. This does rankle as I hate to pass up an offer from anyone on this forum.

Jerry, your posting came in while writing mine. I will go and read your PM.
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