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Default Re: Non-working Commodore PET 3016

Thank you. As a bit of a first-timer in all of this (and with plenty of time on my hands), I've tried to keep as much as I can.

I did count and have replaced 17 chips and added 18 sockets though.

The large front label is showing signs of wear and tear, paint splashes from somewhere and a bit of rust dribbling down it, but my plan is to mask it up and leave that on there if I can.

As my wife said yesterday, this has been a good lock-down project for me.


Originally Posted by Slothie View Post
I appreciate the care you are taking to preserve the history of this machine by retaining as many of its original features. Too many retro restorations I have seen erase the marks of use over the years and return something that looks brand new but is not quite "right". It's a difficult balance, how much do you repair and how much do you leave? But I think that repainting the case in this machine is a good move given that the rust is so severe. If the existing front label can be preserved then that will be good too, as I imagine getting an authentic replacement that doesn't look odd will be hard, and presuming it is still OK then any minor scuffs are just "patina"
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