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Default Re: New SC/MP II system

The speaker originated in the Elektor design. I just improved it using a LM386 to avoid the disadvantage of the original design that did not drive the speaker in both directions. It would be quite cool to use PWM to create a fading sine tone, just for hack value. Besides I wanted to run the Elektor programs playing christmas songs. I recreated their source code, which showed bugs in the published listing. In general the published listings appear to contain a number of bugs, but the binary allows to figure out what the source should have been. Guessing, back then source code was not transferred electronically.

I just got NIBL (not NIBLE) running. The sources I have contain a number of changes compared to the Dr. Dobbs article, which look like bugfixes to me, and mention further possible bugfixes. I can build NIBL from this source and get the binary I fetched from the net (the one that lacks the serial functions). Looking through all the changes will probably take some time.

So far I settled on 600 (SC/MP II 2 MHz) and 1200 (SC/MP II 4 MHz) baud for both kitbug and NIBL. The SC/MP already misses characters to abort a listing occasionally, so going faster is probably asking too much. Which speeds do you use?

The cross assembler asl recently got new features to natively understand the integer literal syntax used by the original SC/MP assembler and I made a small awk script to convert the rest, so it is possible to assemble original sources with minimal to no changes.

Does anybody know anything on FBASIC? It looks like there is only a binary and I don't even know what it uses as console.

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