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Default Re: Mystery 1930s Philco name that Resistor ??

It's eather 470 ohms or 470k- 470,000 ohms.

If it's burnt out like that, it could suggest the lower value but not nesesaraly.

If you look at some examples of 2.2 meg ohm 2,200,000 ohms, (in words) two million two hundred thousand ohms, the whole of the body is red with just a green band arround the middle.

But unfortunatly it doesn't always stay true to form, that the middle coloured band is always the number of naughts. Having said that, useually if it's a DOT it oftern is (but still not always) there were several differnet veriants over the course of time.

It is extremely unlikely, that your resistor of this type would have 7 naughts.

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