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Default Re: Weller EC2000D repair

Thiking about it, if I decide to commit to the Hakko clone then the 78 ohm can be wired internal to the base and the unit can be calibrated to be correct for the Hakko clone.

I attach the manual, the calibration procedure calls for 2 resistors, Resistor A which corresponds to 200 deg C and resistor B which coresponds to 400 deg C
If the unit was calibrated for resistor A = 41.2 ohm and resistor B = 48.5 then it would be correct for the Hakko with the 78 ohm.
That's the next thing to try.

In theory the Hakko Iron type 907 (without an A) is the version with a thermistor and the 907A has a Thermocouple.

However the chinese suppliers seem ignorant of this. I successfully bought a 907 for another project which was indeed with a thermistor but when I bought another from the same supplier it was a thermocouple type.

I currently have a replacement element and sensor on order which should be a thermistor type.
If I find a reliable source I will post it.

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