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Default Re: Tandberg 15-41 Woes

Originally Posted by ben View Post
- The pressure pad and plate are clean.
- The pinch roller is not cracked.
- The capstan shaft is not wobbly (bearing trouble)
- Nothing is dragging on the capstan flywheel. ISTR a felt lining which may have come loose.
There is a felt strip, but it's along the inside of the flywheel and nothing much happens if it loosens.

Another thing: the capstan bearings can seize up from old oil: check that the flywheel is turning freely. Since there is a brake on it in stop mode (unlike earlier models), I'd suggest the following procedure: take the top cover off, refit the pause control, set the machine to play mode to release the flywheel brake, and set the machine to pause to release the pinch roller from the capstan. Manually lift the idler from the flywheel, spin the flywheel and observe its behavior as it spins down. There should be virtually no braking tendency at all.

Unfortunately the lower bearing is a b*gg*r to get at; I usually just try to drop new oil into the bearing (by placing the oil on the shaft) using a long thin rod which is usually sufficient. Doing it properly entails separating the front top part of the deck from the lower part, with all sorts of mechanical linkages and electrical wires being in the way.
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