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Default Re: Tandberg 15-41 Woes

The idler between the motor and flywheel tends to get hard with age on these machines, but running them for a bit softens the rubber. In doesn't sound like something rubbing, though, more like a rumbling which goes away after a while.

I was thinking though that the figure 8 belt runs in separate channels in the pulley, if one gets it wrong and installs the belt in a single channel it will rub against itself when the machine operates.

These are fairly robust machine, but rubber parts, especially the pinch rollers, tend to deteriorate (harden) with time. The model 15 is also notorious for having scratchy rec-pb-switches although the later models updated the contact materials and have less of a problem than the earlier ones. This model was in production from 1968 to 1983 or so (i.e. even outliving the original Tandberg company) with a couple of minor variations over the years.
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