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Default Re: BBC micro needs health check

Thank you Andrew64 and Mr Bungle, especially the advice about getting it checked before turning it on and the battery point! I wouldn't have thought of those points, I was more aware thanks to the forum on 5.75 disks about degradation of same! I'll check out the link you sent Mr Bungle. Peripherals include a tractor feed epson printer, a double disk drive and a board that is activated by touching individual spaces. I'm not sure what you would call it but we used it for children with special needs and the more able to write simple adventure games or storyboards. I also set it up to interface with a database for datahandling. And of course last but not least a CUB RGB monitor!

I have a genius for a husband, he recalls that it was a "concept Keyboard". I couldn't even find it on Wikipedia's BBC computer pages, yet it must have been a precursor to the touch screens of today!
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