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Default Re: Unknown 160m Transmission

It seems there was a Decca system that worked on 1.6 megs, but we were not taught that as it probably didnt feature in the DTp masters and mates syllabus. High accuracy position fixing for stuff like oil rig positioning etc, I guess before the advent of High Accuracy GPS for civilian use.
I can remember taking part in some seismic surveying around a rig in the North Sea whereby a portable decca system that worked via what I think was a microwave link to the rig to get a precise fix relative to the rig position. I'm sure it was explained to me as being a phase difference system like Decca. Certainly a small dish was installed as part of the kit and on the bridge was a VDU that was very like a video game whereby the ship was represented on the screen and had to keep it in a precise location while the boffins let off air charges over the side. Great fun especially for a junior officer like me, getting to play with the "Poscon" Joystick control that wasn't used very often. Sorry very off topic.

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