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Default Re: Valve Items - Philips/Mullard Rimlock-to-Noval Transition

Thus far I have not found any evidence that the Philips Australia Innoval valves were used in New Zealand radio receiver production.

That comment derives mostly from a selective look at the radio receivers detailed at this site:

During the 1950s, the NZ radio makers made extensive use of Rimlocks and the later noval series - with their primary Pro-Electron designations, including mixed lines-up, as well as American valve types.

That is not to say that cases where say one or some of the EF81 (6BH5), ECH80 (6AN7), EL80 (6M5), EBF81 (6AD8) were used will not be found with a more extensive search.

The EBF80 (6AN7) was used in NZ quite early on, but this was released in Europe at the same time as in Australia.

NZ use of the EBC81 (6BD7) and EZ80 (6V8) appears not to have been before those two were released in Europe.

So mostly at least, NZ followed European practice when it came to the Rimlocks and European novals.

Nonetheless, there was some Australian influence in NZ practice in that the 6AE8 was found in otherwise American lines-up. 6AE8 was the AWV designation for the Osram X79, which infilled what was a significant a gap in the American range, at least for setmakers who followed European precepts when it came to AM frequency changers.

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