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Default Re: Looking For PYE Westminster

I worked for the HO, Dtels in the late sixties. At that time and into the early seventies many cars and vans were still fitted with PYE Vanguards and Cossor 144s in the region in which I worked. These were gradually being changed over to STC681s, GEC650s and of course the Pye Whitehall. Some regions may well have used the Dymar Lynx which were common in Fire Service duty. I'm sure there are other Ex Dtels people on here that will know about the radios that were used in other regions.

I personally never came across Westminsters in Cars although they may well have been used in other regions.

Of course there were the Motorcycle variants of the Westminster in common use that took over from Cossor 108s and 301s.

Frequency wise at that time I think all Police Forces, without exception, used around 82 MHz AM for Mobile Transmit and around 100MHz AM for Mobile Receive and is why people could listen in on their domestic VHF radios. The Frequencies changed of course after WARC 79 primarily as the Broadcasters wanted the spectrum, from around 98-108MHz, back that the HO were only keeping warm for them.

You may find some info and PICs at

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