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Default Illiterate, lazily typed and incomprehensible posts.

Has your post or thread disappeared?

Due to lack of time (and patience) we are just deleting rather than editing posts and threads which would require too much work to turn into comprehensible English, or in some other way do not comply with the forum rules.

So if your thread or post has vanished, first check that it doesn't violate any of the forum rules. Yes, that means you need to read the rules (something which many new members don't seem to bother to do).

Then ask yourself if it was written in a clear standard of English with proper punctuation, sentences, paragraphs, reasonable spelling, no txt type abbreviations, mostly in the default font, not all in CAPITAL LETTERS etc.

Increasingly common problems are everything in lower case, streams of exclamation marks, streams of morse-style dots and dashes, no punctuation and ridiculously incorrect punctuation. "I have" can be abbreviated to "I've", as is common practice, but it's not "ive", i,ve" or "I,ve". Similarly "I'll" (I will) is not "i,ll", "I,ll" or "ill". The latter means you need to see a doctor.

We try to keep the forum looking reasonably intelligent, rather than appearing to be populated by a bunch of illiterates and lazy typers who think that what passes on other forums, Facebook, text messages, chat rooms and so on is acceptable here. A common excuse is "But I use a mobile device", well so what? Mobile devices can do proper punctuation, capital letters etc., so it's a pretty lame excuse.

We don't expect 100% perfect spelling and everyone's guilty of at least the occasional spelling error. Same can be said for punctuation, but when entire posts are plagued throughout with illiteracy and/or laziness the situation becomes intolerable.

Please remember that many of our members do not have English as their first language. To them, illiterate posts are totally meaningless. Even the moderators not infrequently find it impossible to decipher some posts.

Thank you,

Paul and the moderator team.

Paul Stenning
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