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Default Re: AVO Multimeter survey

Murphy Maniac

Geoff, you certainly haven't missed the Boat!
This is an on going Project and hopefully will
continue for quite some time.

Thanks for the Numbers.


Again thanks for your Numbers and the useful addition of
where the Numbers were situated.

The introduction of the Label showing the Serial Number
instead of the Scaleplate seems, from the Data so collected,
to have started around March/April 1970.

Previously, I had only been logging AVO 8/9 Mk IV Serial locations,
and that is where the Date estimate is derived from.
This information is not currently shown on the Survey Document though.

But I have recently started to log Model 7 and 40's as well when identified.
Currently, I assume all AVO Meters would have started using
the Labels at the same time.
We may be able to narrow this Date down further if that information is provided
like you have done.

Regarding the addition of "All Wave Oscillators", the Survey
started off as a Multimeter only Survey, but I see no reason why
it shouldn't include other AVO products.

I have no problem including Data for other AVO products, if
that is what the Forum wants.

Comments on this are invited!

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