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Default Re: Transformer safety?

Originally Posted by Nuvistor View Post
You shouldn’t leave old technology running unattended Live chassis or isolated, that’s my opinion, appreciate it’s not everyone’s.
TBH I've always rebuilt/reworked stuff so it can be worked today as it was intended to be worked when originally built.

I have no problems with running my RCA AR88D, a couple of Pye PCR receivers, a 'Collins" TCS [though outsourced to be built by Stewart-Warner] a RACAL RA217/MA323 or various Eddystone/Roberts/Bush gear (let's not mention the Barker-88) continuously and unattended.

My experience has been that a lot of 'stuff' fails when switched-on or switched-off; if you can avoid these surges it'll live a lot longer. Keeping stuff warmly powered-on also avoids damp-ingress (which leads to the dreaded greenspot corrosion of coils] and reduces oscillator-drift [I truly hate chasing SSB stations across hundreds of Hertz as a free-running local-oscillator settles-down from a cold start].
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